ADA Recognizes the Benefits of Rinsing

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In addition to the American Dental Association’s recommendations for brushing and flossing, the ADA also recognizes the benefits of rinsing twice a day with an ADA-Accepted antimicrobial mouthrinse to reduce plaque and gingivitis, or a fluoride mouthrinse to prevent tooth decay.1

Because brushing and flossing only cover 25% of the mouth’s surfaces, plaque biofilm can still be present in the mouth. Adding a rinse to an everyday oral care routine can penetrate deep into plaque biofilm and kill the remaining bacteria. This complete oral care routine that incorporates brushing, flossing, and rinsing offers a 100% WHOLE MOUTH CLEAN.2

For more information on a 100% WHOLE MOUTH CLEAN learn about the importance of going beyond brushing.

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